Conversion of indoor air into fresh air is not the only value that j.air offers. We developed j.air as a product that can be fused into lifestyles with its sophisticated design and quality with ease or maintenance.
“Good air” proudly delivered by j.air is not visible, but the values it offers will be expressed by vivid living of its users.

Easy Maintenance
With no filter/fan, cleaning of the slit part on which pollutants will be accumulated on ion electrodes is the only maintenance work required.As it is made of titanium, the plate is not prone to deteriorate through repeated cleaning and use and this reduces the product’s total cost of ownership.
Compact and Quiet Design
No Need for Filters and Fans
The miniature profile of this product is made possible by its proprietary system design.
It is also quiet enough to be comfortably used during sleep time.
Energy Saving
saving energy
As it does not require energy sources such as a motor and fans, its monthly energy consumption is as low as about 80 JPY thanks to the energy-saving design.

With its proprietary ion electrodes, j.air generates a large amount of highly-concentrated negative ions, which actively capture airborne dust particles, bacteria, and odorous substances to produce fresh air. It offers high levels of dust removal, sterilization, and deodorization features.

Dust Removal
Dust Removal

Through chemical decomposition by way of a large amount of negative ions, airborne dust particles, allergens such as pollen, and PM2.5 are actively collected.
* These data do not represent a demonstration of effects during actual use in an environment. Please also note that this product is not effective against all bacteria, viruses, and odors.

Dust Removal Mechanism:

Floating dust particles are negatively charged by negative ions.

As floor surface and walls are positively charged, negatively-charged dust will stick to the floor and walls.

Negatively-charged dust particles once sticking to floor/wall surfaces will not soar up again while j.air is being in operation.



j.air reduces airborne viruses while removing bacteria such as staph aureus and O-157 from the atmosphere.
The combined use of negative ions and ozone is now known to have substantial improvements in producing a sterilizing effect than when they are used separately.
* These data do not represent a demonstration of effects during actual use in an environment. Please also note that this product is not effective against all bacteria, viruses, and odors.

Sterilizing Effects of Ozone:

Sterilization of food-poisoning bacteria
Sterilization of E coli, Bacillus cereus, salmonella, and Vibrio parahaemolyticus, etc.
Sterilization of influenza virus
j.air has sterilizing effects on viruses that cause cold and flu. Generated ozone suppresses airborne viral growth.
It is also effective against novel influenza viruses, and is proven to in activate H1N1-type influenza virus.
Prevention of hospital infections
Sterilization of Staphylococcus aureus such as MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus)
O-157 and SARS
Ozone is capable of sterilizing airborne floating bacteria and falling bacteria.
Accordingly, it is expected to have preventive and sterilizing effect against O-157 and SARS virus infections.
Fungicidal Property
Ozone’s strong fungicidal and sterilizing effect also kills fungi on floor, wall, and bathroom surfaces.
It also reduces accumulation of slimy and darkened substances.



Unlike general deodorants that conceal unfavorable odors with different odors, ozone exercises its deodorizing effect by decomposing sources of bad smells by utilizing the strong oxidative power of ozone.
* These data do not represent a demonstration of effects during actual use in an environment. Please also note that this product is not effective against all bacteria, viruses, and odors.

Deodorizing Effects of Ozone:

Bad organic smells from toilet, fungi, human body, tobacco, and new building materials, etc. can be decomposed, resulting in the deodorization effect. Among all, the most unfavored toilet smells are composed of ammonia, hydrogen sulphide, methyl mercaptan, and trimethylamine, etc. These offensive odor substances quickly react to oxygen atoms, so they are decomposed by ozone’s strong oxidative power at the molecular level, which eliminates bad odors. It also removes odors absorbed into walls, ceiling, floor, curtain, and cushion, etc.
Sick building syndrome
Harmful formaldehyde (formalin), which can cause sick building syndrome, is decomposed by ozone into formic acid and oxygen. Formic acid is a stimulating substance but can be further oxidized by ozone and turn to carbonic acid. Therefore, it is also effective against formaldehyde besides its deodorizing effect.



Thanks to a proprietary purification system without need for filters and fans, j.air is built into a much smaller enclosure than with large-capacity air purifiers despite its power to purify a large space. Its modesty presence can also be matched with any interiors.

  • Front
  • Side
  • Back


As j.air requires no filter replacement but minimal maintenance efforts to maintain its effects. The electrode plate can be removed and washed like a dish plate. Use the supplied brush to remove dust accumulated over the needle-type electrode as follows. *No components of this product (e.g. filters and electrodes) are consumables that needs to be replaced periodically.

  • 1. Remove the lid.
    1. Remove the lid.
  • 2. Remove the electrode plate.
    2. Remove the electrode plate.
  • 3. Rinse it.
    3. Rinse it.
  • 4. Use the supplied brush to remove dust.
    4. Use the supplied brush to remove dust.


Do you know that indoor air is nearly 10 times more polluted than outdoor air? This movie illustrates three beneficial effects that j.air’s proprietary ion electrodes bring to a space.

movie movie
j.air long ver.(45sec)


“Thanks to much smaller profile of j.air compared with generic air purifiers, it can fit into any space and is also easy to transport.” Serving people in various spaces, j.air is well received with sayings such as “Its warm wooden design can be matched with the atmosphere!”

  • Administrative body
  • Hotel
  • Hospital
  • Public facility
  • Restaurant
  • Public transport
  • Beauty salon
  • Nursing home


Kirin City Shinjuku East Exit Store
Okuyugawara Yui
Fukuronohiroba nagahashichou
Fukuronohiroba nagahashichou
Japan Maritime Self Defence Force


Recommended area of use
Up to about 45 square meters
Dust removal system
Electric discharge
Corona discharge
Negative ion count
10 million/cc
Ozone level
0.03ppm (below environmental value)
Power supply and voltage
100-240VAC; 50/60Hz
Energy consumption
125mm (H) x 125mm (W) x 125mm (D) (1300g)
Unit materials
Titanium (ion electrode) and stainless steel
Cover material


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