• 簡単メンテナンス

    The dirt collected in the ion electrode Just wash.
    Titanium processed ion electrode It can be used repeatedly without deterioration even after washing many times.

  • 小型・静音設計

    It was possible to make it compact because there is no need for a filter and a fan.
    Because the sound is also quiet I am in trouble at the place.

  • 省エネ

    Because there is no power of motors and fans
    It consumes less power About 80 yen per month.

  • Removing bacteria

    Various bacteria such as airborne bacteria, adhering bacteria, Staphylococcus aureus, fungus mold, formaldehyde, etc. can be sterilized in a short time. It was found that the bactericidal effect becomes tenfold compared with when used alone in combination with a large amount of negative ions and a small amount of ozone.

  • Dust collection

    Negative ions attack dust and dust floating in the room, pollen which is regarded as allergic substance, harmful particles such as PM 2.5. It detoxifies and dusts strongly.

  • Deodorant

    The deodorizing effect by ozone differs from the fragrance which wraps off odors with other smells, and it differs with the odor of odor element, so higher effect can be obtained.


Applicable area 6.18-38.71 ㎡ “There are differences depending on the environment”
Dust collection system Ion system
Discharge method Corona discharge
Minus ion amount 10 million/cc over
Ozone concentration 0.03ppm(Below the environmental value)
Power-supply voltage AC100V~240V 50/60Hz
Power consumption 8w
Size H:125㎜xW:125㎜xD:125㎜ 1300g
Body material Ion electrode titanium Other stainless steel
Cover material wooden


  • 【Kaiseki ryori】 Hosasaryo
  • 【Governmental agency】 Japan Maritime Self Defence Force
  • 【Day care facility】 Fukuronohiroba nagahashichou
  • 【Retirement home】 Fukuronohiroba nagahashichou
  • 【Retirement home】 Uguisunomori
  • 【Hotel】 Okuyugawara Yui
  • 【Restaurant】 Kirin City Shinjuku East Exit Store


Company name FOREST WELL Inc.
Company name 2F,5-8-5 Tsurumichuo,Tsurumi-Ku Yokohama-Shi,Kanagawa-Ken, 230-0051, Japan
Name Ryuhei Morii
Establishment April, 2018


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